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Tel: 0731-84327621
linkman:Ms. Shao
Address: Hunan Province
 Changsha Kaifu District 
Xiangya Road No. 87

The predecessor of the Ministry of Health, Cancer Proteomics focus Xiangya Hospital Cancer Proteomics Laboratory, which was founded in 1999. , Director of the PhD supervisor Professor Chen Zhuchu who served as deputy director of the PhD supervisor Professor Xiao Zhiqiang. Since its inception, in the laboratory building, research and personnel training aspects have made remarkable achievements. The chamber has formed a young or middle age, academic echelon supporting, the stability of the research direction, the higher the level of scientific research, solidarity and cooperation, assiduously, dare to explore, research and teaching collective efforts to forge ahead. Has initially developed into an experimental conditions were better, more comprehensive technical tumor proteome research base as a graduate student training and scientific research and personnel training. Now the room Kong researchers 20, which is an associate professor (PhD supervisor, Master Instructor 5 people).

The room consists of two-dimensional electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, bioinformatics, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemical analysis, cell culture and bacterial culture, eight function laboratory. Existing experimental space of 1000 square meters indoor conventional cell biology and molecular biology equipment, in addition to equipment, is also equipped with a complete set of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis apparatus, two-dimensional electrophoresis image analysis system, automatic rubber cutting instrument, mass spectrometry, capillary electrophoresis instrument, chromatography, and HP workstations and network systems such as proteomics special equipment.